So what is this all about ?. Information is what drives our society. Those messengers, social networks, search engines, all twits, instagram photos, youtube videos, blogs and soundcloud tracks have proved that we live to send  and receive information, but this truth had revealed only when information technologies allowed all of us to have device that can transmit information at the speed of light. Back in the mid of 20 century Abraham Maslow stated that in the top of our needs was self-actualization, but there was no internet in that time. Internet is what helps us to show the world what we can, what we know or how beautiful we are. On the one hand.

On the other. For long years people tried to find universal financial equation that can predict crises and stock prices. The truth is there are no such formula. People can be very irrational in their behavior . Mostly financial crises happened because of lack of information. Because of progress in information technologies any slight change in economics can be tracked almost instantly. And the universal financial formula can be referred as “Just google it”.

And this is what informationalism is.